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Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser CARPEX TOUCHLESS PAPER TOWEL DISPENSER® pioneered the touch free towel dispensing market. The only thing you touch is your personal towel.

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Urinal Nano Hygiene DispenserCARPEX Urinal Nano Hygiene Dispenser ensures urinals and toilets are always clean and hygienic by the help of special chemical at the same time it is a brand new high technology giving a nice smell around.

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Touchless Foam/Hand Sanitizer DispensersCARPEX Touchless Foam Soap/Hand Sanitizer Dispenser® helps to keep your kitchen and bathrooms free from cross-contamination.

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Air Freshener DispenserOFB offers a wide range of air freshener dispensers with high quality fragrances, in order to create a pleasant atmosphere.

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AerosolsAroma has always been in nature since the beginning. Attraction, cleanliness, freshness, comfort and relaxation are only few words to explain.

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OFB Company will increase product scale and preserve appropriate price concept. We currently have two warehouses in Chicago and NY. We will have direct delivery from NY warehouse as did from Chicago before.

Our primary aim for the year of 2010-2011 is to strength the position of company in America marketing by means of proper investment activities. We are proud of to be a part of your life and to gain your support and trust. It will be great honor for us, if you share your ideas, expectations and comments. We invest our efforts to assisting for a better and healthier living environment.
We believe, we will achieve, we are here.

OFB Company Electronics Plastics and Cosmetics Inc.

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Toilet Seat Cleaner Sanitizer Refill

Toilet Seat Cleaner

Garbage Can, Trash Bin

Manual Foam Dispenser

we invest our efforts to assisting for a better and healthier living environment.

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